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Tralleis, 1 km from Aydın, was founded by the Argians and the Thracians. It was handed back and forth frequently between the Hellenistic kingdoms following the conquest of Alexander the Great in 334 B.C. It reached its zenith in sculpture and the arts under the rule of the Kingdom of Pergamon. Two great sculptors, Apollonios and Tauriskos who were charged with the construction of the famous atlar of Zeus in Pergamon, were trained in Tralleis. Strabo mentioned the richness of the people in the city. The ruins of the 2nd century gymnasium, called ”three eyes” by the populace, and the baths, the agora, theatre and a stadium from Roman Period can be seen today. Tralleis was famous for its leather products and red pottery, “terra sigillata”. Statues of the Farnese Bull and the Young Athlete (Ephebos) carved by two world famous sculptors, Apollnios and Tauriskos, were unearthed in Tralleis.

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